Why should you hire a
professional photographer?
When was the last time you had portraits made at a large chain studio and actually had the luxury of your photo session, including props that were custom ordered? Did he/she seek to find out who you are, what your style is, what your goal is with the session they performed? Can you even remember the name of your cookie-cutter in-store photographer? The answer to all of that is probably no! 
Custom photography is simply that… a custom experience tailored to suit you, your style, your personality and your needs. When I am contacted for a newborn photography session far enough in advance of the actual session date that is scheduled, I have the luxury of ordering props such as hats, blankets, baskets, etc. that are suited entirely for your session. You cannot walk into a cookie-cutter studio and expect them to have a lamb hat to match the nursery theme in your baby’s nursery, and even pair that hat with a backdrop that fits your color scheme. With custom photography (and enough time beforehand!) that is entirely possible!
I can also guarantee that the “photographer” from your cookie-cutter photography session will not be going home that night to spend many hours editing those photos, removing blemishes, blogging about your session, and going the extra mile for customer #2634. Custom photographers do! We spend many hours perfecting your images to create a unique gallery that truly makes our clients’ personalities shine through; a gallery that will preserve an incredibly important memory in your lifetime.