Hello, I'm Rebecca! I love spending time with my friends and family. 

What I enjoy most of all is capturing those unforgettable moments. What started out as a hobby when I was younger, quickly turned into a passion. It wasn't until my handsome son was born that my passion for photography really came to life and flourished into RK Photography.


I am very blessed with three amazing children and a loving, supportive husband. He pushes me to follow my dreams. My crazy kiddos, Babette, Jason Jr. & Parker Kate, keep me on my toes and inspire me in all sorts of ways! They are my world; if I'm not at a session I am probably driving one to and from dance, the other to swim or running around the house trying to keep some order in the chaos of mommy hood! 

Thank you so much for choosing Rebecca Krueger Photography. I look forward to capturing those unforgettable moments of you and your family; that you will treasure forever!